When it comes to moving and transporting items, you often can’t go wrong with a ute. Utes are built specifically for this purpose, and their cargo trays are ideal for carrying and delivering items.

The thing about using utes, though, is that you have to take extra care securing items because of their open-air cargo trays. If you want to avoid broken items and expensive fines, you have to make sure your load is properly secured.

Here are five proven tips to help you make sure you properly and legally secure your items for the road:

  1. Know its overhang limits
  2. It’s tempting to simply load items onto your ute – no matter how far it goes off the edge – as long as it doesn’t fall off. But that’s an accident waiting to happen, not to mention expensive fines from transport authorities. To avoid this mistake, make sure you know your ute’s overhang limits before loading and securing your items. This way, you’ll know whether or not you can safely and legally transport your items using your ute.

  3. Use the proper knots
  4. Tying down your items is one of the simplest and most effective ways to secure your load. This will help keep your items from moving around during transport and make sure they stay on your ute.

    Properly tying down your items, however, often requires more than just using simple knots. Make sure you use the most appropriate knots for your items. These knots, for example, are among the most commonly used knots for trucks and utes, but keep in mind your case might require other kinds of knots.

    The best knots to use are those that properly secure your items while still being easy to untie or remove afterwards. If necessary, do a little research beforehand to determine the best types of knots for your situation.

  5. Use anchor points wisely
  6. Most utes have anchor points for tying down and securing the truckload. These anchor points usually come in the form of rails on both sides of the ute. Whether you’re using rope to tie down your items or webbing to cover your entire cargo, make sure to secure these properly on the anchor points for added strength and protection. The better you use your ute’s anchor points, the more secure your items will be.

  7. Don’t forget padding
  8. Securing your cargo involves more than just tying it down properly and making sure it doesn’t move during transport. It also requires making sure it’s protected from damage throughout the trip.

    One effective way to do this is to have sufficient padding around your items, especially if you’re carrying fragile items on board. With appropriate padding between items, you can prevent your items from bumping or rubbing against each other during transport.

    For even more protection, remember to put enough padding between your items and your ute’s headboard rack.

  9. Watch out for tricky items
  10. When it comes to transporting items on a ute, some are definitely more difficult to carry than others. Long items, objects with sharp edges, and slippery cargo, for example, usually demand more caution and preparation for proper transport.

    If you’re planning to carry items like these, take the necessary precautions for securing them properly and making sure they’re safe to carry on your ute. This could involve adding extra ties or knots, properly covering sharp ends and edges, or using rubber mats and rubber padding to prevent items from sliding.

    Properly securing your items may take more time and effort, but the work you put in will pay off when you deliver your items in one piece and free from damage. Remember it’s always better to be safe than sorry, so use as many materials as you need to properly secure your load.

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